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Our Solutions

Reliable charging infrastructure is required to motivate adoption across all mobility sectors, including Fleet, Public, Workplace, Multi-Unit Residential and Transit. We have installed hundreds of charging ports that deliver industry-leading performance, access and affordability, customized for every use case.

Why Electrada?

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Fleet Electrification

One facility or multiple facilities. Simple use case or complex logistics operation. No matter what your fleet needs, we’ll capitalize, deliver and operate a comprehensive infrastructure solution that ensures your EV conversion will succeed and save fuel costs with each electric mile driven.   Let's go!


Public EV Charging

Visible, accessible and reliable EV charging in public spaces is critical to accelerating EV adoption and connecting communities with clean transportation options.  Electrada's public charging CaaS solution matches the optimal charging capacity to the expected locational demand, while serving as many community charging use cases as possible.  Competitive charging rates include the advantage of any incentives, grants or public programs that help your community drive the electrification movement!

Workplace EV Charging

Your employees expect you to support their drive for sustainable transportation. Our team will craft a workplace charging strategy that aligns with your organization's sustainability goals, the importance of contributing to an environmentally-friendly workspace and elevate your brand as a committed partner for healthier communities.


Residential EV Charging

Electric vehicle sales could comprise 30% of all new passenger vehicles by 2030. That means a fast-growing opportunity for you. We’ll work with you to assess demand, conduct evaluations, and ultimately enhance your property’s image. Be both environmentally conscious and committed to your residents’ quality of life—with no capital cost.

We’re Ready for All Your EV Charging Needs. Are You?

When you’re ready to power electric vehicles, we’ll be ready to make it happen. Talk with us today and learn how you can power EVs to achieve your goals, delight your people, and help our planet.